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All of our patterns and kits come with full technical support. If you have a question or comment, please don't hesitate to send us an email. We appreciate feedback to help keep us on track and moving forward with patterns and products that people love. We love to talk about our passions and welcome your thoughts on life, love and the pursuit of happiness through the humble knitted sock :-)

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2013 found the SOD crew downsizing into a 30' travel trailer, which forced us to take a long, hard look at The Stash and collection of material goods we had accumulated over the years. The past year has taught many lessons (some good and some not so much) about RV living, letting go of Stuff and demanding much more of those possessions we allow to stay in our lives. We have discovered that everything around us must be multifunctional, practical and beautiful to look at. We deserve nothing less, and neither do you. We hope you find inspiration for your own living space here in these pages. RV specific blog posts can be found at www.travelswithtowanda.wordpress.com

Our Passion

Tiny Living

We believe in treading as lightly as possible on Mother Earth while still living a comfortable life and to that end try very hard to use sustainable materials in all of our creations. What better inspiration than the humble sheep? Wool is renewed every year and we are lucky enough to live in the beautiful Willamette Valley in Oregon where there are sheep aplenty for all of our creations. We buy our yarns and supplies as locally as possible and reduce/reuse/recycle everything we can. We support local shepherds and will be sharing some of their inspirational stories soon.