Chainlink Socks  Knitting Pattern

These cabled socks are sized for men and feature a variation of a Barbara Walker pattern called Gordian Knot. They look like links of chain to my eyes, hence the name. Most of the knitting is simple knit/purl, but the cable crossings can be tricky if you’re not paying attention. Knit with worsted weight yarn, they go faster than you might think and are interesting right to the end. The pattern is charted but not written out line-by-line. Beginning chart readers are encouraged to study the stitch key carefully.


A little slice of Paradise for your feet

There are few things in life more decadent than wearing hand knit socks that were designed specifically for your feet. Make them thick for cold weather, thinner for those warm days, or somewhere in between. Use hard-wearing wool for boot socks or cashmere for luxurious lounge socks. The choice is yours. You won't regret the time spent knitting that most perfect of shaped garments, I promise. Here are my creations, patterns for the whole family, knitted expressions of love and affection.